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Carillon Beach began as a pristine parcel of beachfront land consisting of approximately 104 acres and 3900 feet of white sandy beaches bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Lloyd Vogt, a renowned architect from New Orleans, was engaged to develop our town plan. Lloyd's love of historical preservation coupled with his knowledge of traditional urbanism formed the look and feel of what Carillon is today. He knew the plan needed to recognize that a community beside the seashore has different requirements from a typical town layout. It was important that the town's arrangement make the beach accessible both physically and visually. The features and their placement emphasized a sense of community, and were planned to encourage pedestrian, bike, and cart traffic.

Besides the gulf, the plan was designed around two important aspects of Carillon; one natural element and one man made. Totally within Carillon is Lake Carillon, a 13 acre fresh water lake. The lake is brimming with local flora and fauna including lily pads, bass, and turtles, as well as an important stopping-off point for migrating ducks and other birds. The Carillon bell tower is the center of our community, and all of the roads in Carillon lead to bell tower circle. The bell tower contains 35 bells, and it chimes on the hour during the day; reminiscent of village bells that once rang to announce important local events.

Construction began on the Carillon roads, sidewalks, utilities and amenities in 1991, and shortly thereafter, sales of homesites were initiated. It was important that all homes within Carillon be unique, but also share a similar nature that would become the Carillon style. Along with the masterplan for the community, Lloyd Vogt also developed the architectural guidelines for home design and construction. The Carillon Beach Design Code was not tied to a particular period or place in history, but instead respected the unique climate and geography of the area.

Homes were encouraged to include features like shaded porches that capture the gulf breezes and high-ceilings that created rooms, airy and full of light. Each home is custom designed by an approved, licensed architect and constructed by an approved, licensed builder. Even though the overall character of the community has been maintained with strict guidelines and quality control, there are no two homes in Carillon alike. Both homes and amenities in Carillon contribute to weaving a fine community fabric that is functional while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is a place where family, neighbors and friends can enjoy the environment and each other, while feeling safe and having a true sense of community. In a word… it is home.

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